How can I feel God’s nature and presence more in my life?

Years ago, I started regularly praying with the Ten Commandments. Inspiration to do so came when asking myself some questions.

How can I feel God’s nature and presence more in my life? How do I learn to love God with all my heart and be sure that I am putting God first in my life?

The Bible instructs us over and over to “keep [God’s] commandments.” In fact, there are 69 references to these very words in the Bible – beginning in Exodus and continuing all the way through both the Old and New Testaments to Revelation, the last book of the Bible. I reasoned that if keeping these commandments was such an important directive for those in biblical times, it would serve me well to understand more about them.

Since beginning this journey, I have not been disappointed. My daily study of the Ten Commandments has unlocked treasure troves of promises and blessings, which have sprung from bringing my thought, moment-by-moment, into accord with these spiritual laws of being. They are so much more than a list of ‘forbidden actions’.

I also realized that – rather than being archaic documents set in stone – they offer living counsel, which is fresh each day!

With that, I hope you will enjoy reading some of my recent interpretations of the Ten Commandments.