My interpretation of the Ten Commandments

1. Worship properly.
    Love Spirit – the divine Source of power and existence – with all your heart.

2. No Idols.
    Don’t be tricked into serving imposters, or believing they have power.

3. God’s Nature is Good.
    Ask for goodness and you will receive it. It’s ever-present.

4. Sabbath Moments.
    Remember that divine blessings are available at every moment.

5. Honor Mother-Father God.
    Honor your divine Creator with your words and deeds.

6. Love.
    Don’t hate or have enemies.

7. Moral Compass.
    Don’t devalue your pure, perfect self.

8. Abundance.
    You already have everything that you need.

9. Compassion.
    In both public and private, refrain from speaking ill against another. [1]

10. Uniqueness.
     Don’t miss seeing your own gifts by desiring what belongs to another.

[1] Some of the language for this commandment was taken from The Charter for Compassion.