Christian Science Treatment

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Treatment is based on the system of Christian healing outlined in Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

This system cures using the divine Principle on which Jesus’ healings were based.

Treatment happens through scientific prayer alone (get in touch with me to learn more about what that is!).

After treatment, patients have found that they are healthy, unhurt, whole, and completely restored both physically and spiritually.


Animal Cases

Photo by GlobalP/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by GlobalP/iStock / Getty Images

Animals are innately spiritual. Like children, they are so innocent, pure, and receptive, that they are often quickly healed through prayer.

I regularly accept animal cases for treatment.

Whether a cat, dog, fish, hamster, horse, bird, or any other animal is in need of treatment, I’m ready and willing to help all animal members of the family.



Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring brings forward an expanded, spiritual view of life: recognizing our innate wholeness and perfection and our oneness with God, the divine creator.

I joyfully work with those who are simply seeking a deeper understanding of God and the Science of Being, in addition to those seeking specific prayerful treatment.