My husband and I regularly call Debi for prayerful treatment both for ourselves and for our dogs when needs arise. One particularly awesome healing I had a few years ago
was when I severely sprained my ankle right before an important business trip, and it was healed right away with no after-effects. Recently, one of our dogs seemed to be experiencing a lot of pain. I called Debi early in the morning because I was so concerned about him, and he was healed right away. We were so grateful to see him back to his normal, happy self by breakfast!
— Tracy B. - Virginia, USA
I’m a single mom who has been working with Debi for over 7 years, since my daughter was in preschool. Debi has spiritually mentored me through many parenting challenges, including sleep issues, extreme fear of bugs, water, going to school, and many other things over the years. Just about every week, we talk on the phone for about half an hour, and then daily check-in whenever necessary. I really appreciate Debi’s spiritual clarity and how no problem ever fazes her. I’m so grateful to be able to have Debi as my spiritual mentor through all the ups and downs of parenthood. She has really helped me grow spiritually and feel more at one with God each day.
— Mary W. - Ontario, Canada
I have called Debi multiple times over the years for prayerful
treatment of my boys,who are in elementary school.
We have had quick healings.
If I call at night, they are almost always perfectly well by morning.
My boys have been healed many times—I’ve seen them become free of
colds, fevers, coughs and many more so-called typical issues.
— Jeff M. - Massachusetts